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Pals Pen

Clever Design- Solid moulded structure. Secure snap-locking lid. Complete ventilation. Dual level base for wet/dry areas.

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Aquarian Slow Sinking Fish Food Pellet - 100g

100% Balanced and complete pellets ideal for community tanks feeding at all levels. AQUARIANe( Sinking Pellet is a 100% balanced and complete diet for middle and bottom feeding fish. Scientifically formulated with essential minerals and vitamins and protein levels to give cleaner clearer water. Which fish? For middle and bottom feeding fish such as Angels Barbs Loaches and Catfish. How to feed Feed two times a day. Only feed as much as they can eat within 5 minutes. Sizes available Medium 28g large 100g economy 255g. Analysis Protein 36.0% Fat 9.0% Ash 9.5% Fibre 3.5% Vitamin A 10000 IU/kg Vitamin D 2600 IU/kg Vitamin E 500 IU/kg.

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Aquarian Tropical Fish Food - 13g

100% Balanced and complete flake diet for all freshwater tropical fish Tropical fish love the natural taste. Brings out the natural colours of your fishNo artificial colours Your tropical fish has a well developed sense of taste and will reject food which they don't like. Apart from this uneaten food ending up polluting the water in the tank when your fish are not eating theirfood they are not getting the nourishment they need to stay healthy.

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Aquarian Holiday Fish Feeder - 28g

The Aquarian Holiday Feeding Block is a complete feeding stuff for all tropical, coldwater & marine aquarium fish. One Aquarian Holiday Feeding Block will feed 20 average sized fish in a 40 litre tank for 7 to 10 days. Note: in very hard water dissolving time may increase.

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Tetra Goldfish Flake

Tetra Goldfish Flakes Complete flake food for all goldfish and other coldwater fish. New formula guarantees clearer water* • meets all nutritional requirements • promotes health natural colouring and vitality • easily digestible resulting in less waste and thus improved water quality • easy to dose with new dosage cup for 15g 20g and 52g. Complete Flake Food For All Goldfish And Other Coldwater Fish.

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